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Sapphire nozzle inserts

Artikelnummer 2-2310ST


These stainless steel sapphire inserts stand out from the competition and outperform other materials such as ceramic or steel. This is thanks to a very compact and aggressive water jet. The integrated jet stabilizer ensures a concentrated and powerful water jet density. The service life of a sapphire insert is much longer than that of hardened steel nozzles or other drilled inserts. Sapphire inserts are used primarily in the clean-water jetting industry. Sapphire inserts are less suitable for dirty water (recycled water).

Teknisk data

Längd x diameter
Max tryck
2-2310ST M10 19 x 10 mm 0,01 kg 3000 bar Sapphire Insert Ø 0.25 - 1.3 mm

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