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JetCam accessories

Artikelnummer 18-22011045


The interchangeable nozzle set from enz® consisting of a standard nozzle, KBR, HRH nozzle, and a Rotopuls allows you to solve all problems such as grease, hair roots, or incrustations in household applications.
Another big advantage of JetCam is that it saves resources on cleaning and properties no longer have to be cleaned from the outside in, rather than from the inside out.

Teknisk data

Längd x Diameter 400 x 310 x 150 mm
Vikt 3,95 kg
Längd x Diameter 450 x 28 x 28 mm
Vikt 0,68 kg
Anslutning 1/2"
Rördimension 50 - 150 mm
Vikt 0,45 kg
Längd x Diameter 56 x 56 x 71 mm
Vikt 0,08 kg
Max tryck (Sprängtryck) 160 bar (2300 psi)
Vikt 7,5 kg
Längd x Diameter 55 x 55 x 78 mm
Vikt 0,15 kg
Längd x Diameter 260 x 130 x 80 mm
Vikt 0,9 kg